E Cigs Offer High Value for Happy Vapours

As with most novel concepts, a profusion of popular misbeliefs surround and misconceptions abound about e-cigs. Despite widespread ignorance of their true nature, e cigarettes represent an innovation that epitomizes inspiration and ingenuity at their finest.

What’s so great about eletronic cigarettes?

There may be as many answers to this question as there are happy vapours who have abandoned their former tar and smoke filled realms forever. Despite a diversity of variations and deviations, the same basic theme common to all replies is favourable.

Following are some of the major benefits that our fine electronic cigarette product line has to offer over conventional carcinogenic counterparts.


This is a primary advantage of paramount importance and immense enjoyment to eliquid users. Unlike their colleagues who persist in the practice of puffing conventional cancer sticks, vapours avoid inhaling several thousand detrimental by-products that tobacco smoke contains. Cyanide and carbon dioxide are just two of those carcinogenic culprits. After massive respiratory tract infiltration, their rapid migration to the circulatory system follows. Their next conquest is invasion of many tissues and major organs. In due time, the smoker begins seeing signs of their unwelcome prolific presence.

Hacking, hideous phlegm, shortness of breath, and chest pains are just the introductory effects. Next come full-blown emphysema, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and lung cancer.

By contrast, e-cig vapours may savor a fix of pure nicotine in whatever flavors and/or strengths suit their fancy. Moreover, the vast majority of vapours consistently report feeling more fit and energetic since they begun vaping vs. smoking. Given the absence of legions of harmful agents floating around their bloodstreams and other bodily structures, this comes as no surprise.


Amidst today’s turbulent economic climes, all current discussion has turned to capital conservation. By all accounts, e cigarettes certainly fit the bill to a “T.” on this account. Blowing Pound after precious British Pound up in smoke is a major detraction from already-dubious “attractions” of tobacco smoking. By contrast, e cig vapours may partake of their pleasurable pastime while basking in plumes of pure water fumes for just pennies per session.
Our electonic cigarettes come with prefilled or refillable cartridges that pack a puffing power equal to a full pack of traditional smokes. Their price is but a tiny fraction thereof, however. Thus, our customers get to sit back and savor whatever flavor tickles their taste buds while availing themselves of the fiscal — and physical benefits gained by buying our electronic cigarettes.


Have you ever casually tossed your favorite pair of jeans into the washer only to experience great consternation and major aggravation later on with the realization that you forgot to take your cigarettes out of the pocket? On the other hand, how many times have you reached for a soft cancer stick with sweet anticipation that quickly turned into major exasperation upon retrieving a broken mass of paper, filter, and tobacco in your hand?

Fortunately, those days can be gone forever. Made of only the best materials, all e cigs we offer are built to last and designed to withstand the sands of time and all manner of daily disasters.


Have you ever dreamed of on-demand nicotine strength adjustment? If you are like most, you prefer a big a kick on some occasions and a more subdued inhalation on others. Thanks to our fine e cig product line, that dream is now a reality. Electonic cigarettes feature a variety of cartridge configurations and nicotine concentrations that provide the perfect puff — every time. Thus, thanks to us, you can now get ultra-light vapour during one draw shortly followed by a full-blown full-flavor blast.

Moreover, our more creative customers really appreciate the ability to sample their favourite flavors to suit whatever their palates prefer at any given moment. Besides old standbys like chocolate, vanilla, cherry, and strawberry, our patrons have their pick of more exotic options like coffee, mint tea, julep, or peppermint.


As e cigs leave behind no nasty “souvenirs” such as butts and ashes, you save time by avoiding many messy cleaning tasks. Additionally, because the water vapor that e cigs emit leaves no residual stain or odours to mar teeth, upholstery, clothing, or hair, you save money on cleaning chemicals and costly replacement of such items. A final added bonus on this score is the fact e cigarettes require no match or lighter. Therefore, you save even more on butane and constant combustible product supply replenishment.


An e cigarette requires no open flame to ignite or maintain. Thus, you need not worry about fire hazards like falling asleep while holding one or the tragic consequences of partially extinguished butts and stubs.